SiteSell AffiliateI made $75 watching Judge Judy!


No kidding!  As a result of the commissions that the SiteSell Affiliate Program (the actual name is the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program) gives me, I found that I made an effortless $75....and all I had done so far that day was watch "Judge Judy!"


My name is Tony Thomas and I am a work-from-home affiliate marketer and web designer. The SiteSell Affiliate Program is one of my hottest money-makers.


What happened is this. I rolled out of bed at around 10am, fired up the old Mr Coffee and sat down to watch a Tivo'd episode of one of my favorite shows, "Judge Judy" before I started working (Hey! No wisecracks!)


After the show, I went upstairs to my den, plopped down in front of my computer and there it was: an email from Ken Evoy, president of SiteSell. The subject line read in big, bold letters:




SiteSell AffiliateOf course, I already knew the contents of the email since I received them on a regular basis. It was a $75 commission from a sale of Site Build It (a service I've used for years now). And it was still morning. I knew that I had the entire day ahead of me. ;)


The 5 Pillar Affiliate Program is one of the most honest, solid and generous affiliate programs on the Internet. If you've been looking for a winning affiliate program to join, you've found it.


What's So Great About Affiliate Programs?

check markNo products to sell directly

check markNo orders to process

check markNo customers to support

check markFree to join

check markNo Web site required


For more information on how affiliate programs works, download your free copy of "The Affiliate Masters Course." It will explain everything you need to know, in detail, and how you can get started making money from affiliate marketing programs.


What's So Great About The SiteSell Affiliate Program?

check mark It's Free To Join! `Nuff said.

check mark Permanent Cookies.
When someone joins the affiliate program through your special link, they get your permanent cookie. The visitor can sign up and may not decide to buy a Site Build It for a year. It doesn't matter. You still get the commission when they do buy! CLICK-CLICK-KACHING!


In affiliate programs, lifetime cookies are unheard of! Most affiliate programs offer cookies that last 30 days or less and they can be easily erased or over-written. You can lose the commission on a sale, as easy as that. It's a hard pill to swallow when you've done some good work to get them on board!


Whenever someone joins the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program through your affiliate link, they become YOUR lifetime customer. That means you earn commissions on the first sale, renewals and multiple sales of Site Build It! (more than half of all SBIers own more than one).


Lifetime commissions are not offered by most affiliate programs. Heck, even the basic commission is often not "really" offered. The cookie is so short, the terms so tricky, that you often don't get paid when you make a sale or the commission is greatly reduced.


Alright, you ask, "But what if the cookie is erased?"  That's a fair question.


SiteSell and the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program will still find them through a sophisticated database-matching algorithm! So you STILL get paid (and they re-write the Permanent Cookie, too!).


Not to mention that SiteSell's affiliate program is the most comprehensive affiliate program I've seen.  And I've seen a ton of them! Whether you're looking to promote online or offline, they have you covered in any conceivable situation.


check mark 2nd-Tier Commissions
When someone signs up for the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program under you and they make a sale, you get 25% of that sale. It really pays to promote the program and get a great team working under you. You're making commissions, they're making commissions and you're making commissions again.


Everybody wins, big-time!


SiteSell affiliate commission

 My February SiteSell Affiliate Program commissions, to date



Here's A Break Down Of The Commissions You Can Expect

Here's a short glance at what the SiteSell's 5 Pillar Affiliate Program can offer you and your visitors, for any learning and working style:

check mark "Do It Yourself" (Site Build It!, commission $75 per subscription).
check mark "Do It For Me" (SiteSell Services, SBI! Experts build sites for small business owners using SBI!, commission range $150 - $250 per package).

 check mark"Do It With Me Offline" (SiteSell Education, classroom setting, SiteSell Instructors teach Building a Successful Internet Business using SBI!, classroom style, instructor commissions only at this point, great credibility endorsement with educational institutions world-wide offering our SBI! course - see universities listed on this page).


As you can see, there is a ton of money to be made, while offering people a fantastic product that will change their lives forever! Does it get any better than that?? CLICK-CLICK-KACHING!!



check mark SBI! Is A Real Business
Finally, you feel good promoting a product as good as SBI!. People's lives have been changed dramatically as a result of creating a small business of their own using Site Build It.


In a world full of scams, SBI! is one of the few real and true ways of making a living online. Because of that fact, people are flocking to it in droves.


SiteSell Affiliate ProgramIt has definitely changed my life. I work from home, full-time! How cool is that?


The more people who purchase Site Build It through you, the more money you make!


You cannot sign up for a better affiliate program than the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program. Many affiliate are earning $10,000 a month and more.


Click the video below and see what users of SBI! think about the product. Something this good practically sells itself.



The commissions are more than ample to change a life, don't you think? ;)





Allan GardyneIt's no wonder major affiliate experts, such as Allan Gardyne, the #1 followed affiliate pro, calls it...

 "... the best affiliate program on the Net."



Join The SiteSell Affiliate Program Today



 Here's to your success!

Tony Thomas


 P.S. - Do you have questions about Site Build It? Feel free to contact a live SBI expert and ask anything you'd like.


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